Harry Skully – Oh Baddies is out there now! Folk? Yes. But much more!

Do you like contemporary folk music? Do you like traditional folk music?

If you answered positively to either, or both of those questions then you will like Harry Skully – Oh Baddies!

Well… Maybe you will, but you certainly wont know if you don’t give it as listen!
Oh Baddies Cover

Recorded almost exclusively live in studio with minimal overdubs of bass, banjo and birdsong to name a few!
It was never intended as a ‘Perfect’ work, it is music that really wants to sit with you. Like he is playing in the room with you. Somit is music, played, and felt, loved and presented to you with equal good will and passion.

Go on, Have a listen! you might just love it 🙂


Harry Skully
Harry Skully