What the devil is BDeye Music?

Very pleased that you dropped by, thanks!

BDeye Music is at its heart, a collaborative and lovely music project. A boutique label and promotions company for grass roots artists.

Run by Mat White, live music promotor and producer and one time host of Open Mind, a very long running open mic in Leeds.  Starting out in a purpose built studio in Shipley West Yorkshire in 2008 working with Japanese Fighting Fish in their early days on demos and eventually pre-production for their debut album. Work on the handmadehands debut then followed with various solo projects and demos coming through the studio until 2012.

The studio moved to a small basement where solo works were produced for George Vincent (Harry Skully), Bella Gaffney, Dariush Kanani, Man Bites Dog and most recently Lisa Marie Glover.

You will find more information about these artists and their works on this site as it develops.

A move to Northamptonshire has changed things a touch but only in that there are new opportunities ahead! So see you down the road!


Mat White
BDeye Music